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Welcome to the Alex Abuyuan Children's Mission. Our purpose is to support the cause of orphan children in the Philippines. Back in 2004 Alex Abuyuan had a chance to visit his families' birthland for the first time in his life. It was there he understood the plight of children abandoned by their parents to the care of the municipalities and faith based organizations due to their inability to feed them. It was then he decided to make a difference.



Alex Abuyuan

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Alex Abuyuan

Alex Abuyuan

Alex Abuyuan

Here are examples of projects we are working on:

Saint Rita's Home

Our main mission of mercy is to reach out to the street-children of Ormoc City whom we discovered in 2002. These kids were housed in a temporary holding facility which was an old abondoned prison in the City of Ormoc on the island of Leyte in the Philippines. These kids come from broken families, never experiencing the love of father and mother with no guidance in their young life. We realized the need to establish a facility for these children where we can provide an environment of love and care to promote spiritual and educational growth. There are currently no children facilities providing residential care for homeless children in the City of Ormoc, Leyte, Philippines.

SAINT RITA'S HOME will be a residential care facility that will serve children ages 12 to 18 and young adults who are homeless and who may be victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence. This building will provide a long term care and support for children and young adults in a family living atmosphere. We will be assisting them with basic needs, supporting their emotional, educational and occupational growth and development and sharing spirituality with the ultimate goal of helping them heal, be prepared for adulthood and re-enter society prepared to live productive and meaningful lives.

The residents will be drawn from the group of children who aimlessly roam the streets seeking food and shelter wherever they can. Some are forced to petty crimes or prostitution. Some are temporarily housed in unused local holding cell with poor ventilation and unsanitary conditions. We hope to give these children proper housing in the center as soon as the main section is built. If space permits, this facility will serve children from other cities in the surrounding areas. We hope and pray our project has the support of the local government, the local clergy of the Church and the community.

We hope they can assist us in providing social workers to work with the children in the center and that they assist us in providing the spiritual needs of the children. The plan for a Boy’s Project was started in 2003. The lot is a 3-acre land donated by the Mejia-Rodriguez family for this purpose. The project began to take shape with the arrival of the Order of Augustinian Discalced (OAD) priest and brothers in the area, who agreed to be part of the rehabilitation of these hopeless youth.

Last year 2009, four street boys who needed shelter were housed in temporary quarters managed by Fr. Libby, the Prior of the OAD community in Biasong. The boys are now attending a nearby school. We have been working on this project with many meetings and visiting various boys’ shelter to get ideas on how to start. Finally in 2009, the project got started after the resolution of the legal problem of the land and the commitment of the committee who will manage the intricacies of starting a children's home. We are presently accepting bids from contractors to start the building of the Home and hopefully it will be in full operation by the end of this year. The funds for this project are still needed but we trust in God’s mercy and blessings that we are confident with generous donations this project will be completed as plan.

The operation and management of the Saint Rita's Home will be provided by the JMJ HOLY FAMILY MISSION FOUNDATION and the ORDER OF AUGUSTINIAN DISCALCED (OAD) community of priests and brothers.

Our Lady Of Guadalupe Monastery

alex abuyuan

This was the first project ff the foundation This was built in answer to Bishop Dean's prayer for a contemplative Monastery, located in the beautiful hills in the Barrio Cabaon-an, within Ormoc City, Philippines. This was funded by private donations and several fund raising events in California. This was blessed and dedicated by Cardinal Vidal on June 25, 2001. This Monastery started with 8 Poor Clare nuns from Mexico of the Clarisas Capuchinas Sacramentarias Order. They are in perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, praying for the whole world and the Church, therefore they have been approached by many requesting prayers. Some of their needs are met by making and selling vestments, bread, cookies and corn chips, but the support of the community are still needed. They are blessed with new vocations, and after 5 years, there are now 15 nuns in the monastery.

With more benefactors helping them now, they were able to build the following: "Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe overlooking the monastery" - a formation house for the novices... a reception area for visiting families of the nuns. They still make vestments, bake bread, chips and cookies as income. Their vocation continue to grow in number. The nuns who are from Mexico are now able to converse and pray well in the Filipino language.

Medical Missions

A Medical Mission is regularly scheduled to reach out to people in remote areas who do not have access to much needed medical treatment. In 2007, the medical mission was successful in assisting about 1000 people in Milagro as well as the outlying barangays, as far as Liberty province. We were able to serve medical, dental and optical needs to people in these areas. The next medical mission is scheduled in July in the barangay of Ipil in Ormoc. Throughout the year though, we continue to give out medicine as needed for those that live far away and are not able to obtain regular medical care.

Christmas Season Missions

Since most of the families are not able to celebrate the Christmas Holidays from a financial perspective, it is becoming a yearly tradition for us to give out "bundle of joys", bags containing rice, noodles, cooking oil, milk, coffee, sugar, canned goods, clothes and toys. These are given to many in the remote areas in the barrio. We have been administering to those from the barangays from Milagro, Lake Danao and as far as Liberty. These are the mission areas served by the Claretian Missionaries priests and brothers who are located in Milagro, so we joined with them in serving the needs of the poor. We also have surprise snacks and drinks for those attending the early Novenas masses before Christmas. In the colder climate areas, we provide warm clothes especially for the children.

The Holy Sacrament of Marriage Missions

The Claretian Missionaries, in coordination with the JMJ Holy Family Mission (CA) sponsored the Sacrament of Marriage to about 50 couples. These couples were living together without the blessing of the Church because they are either uneducated or could not afford to comply with the requirements of the Church. So they conveniently lived together until they were encouraged to validate their marriage by the Church. It was also an occasion for evangelization as many were baptized and confirmed before the wedding ceremony. We helped them get the paperwork requirements by the Church. A reception was given for this happy occasion where the families gather in joy to witness the wedding blessed.



You Can't Outgive God

Think about this: Restaurant etiquette says you give a 15 to 20% tip on your bill. You know, God has never asked for more than 10.

Malachi 3:10-12 (New Living Translation)

10 Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my Temple. If you do," says the LORD of Heaven's Armies, "I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won't have enough room to take it in! Try it! Put me to the test! 11 Your crops will be abundant, for I will guard them from insects and disease. Your grapes will not fall from the vine before they are ripe," says the LORD of Heaven's Armies. 12 "Then all nations will call you blessed, for your land will be such a delight," says the LORD of Heaven's Armies.

Giving back to God is a pretty smart use of money.